We already know that Draco and Hermione were meant to be together and what better way to express that than through graphics, videos and fanfiction? I suck at photo-shop so i will devote this blog to promoting new and interesting fanfiction I have come across. Welcome to a place where you can share your favourite Draco/Hermione fanfiction and where you can request your own fanfictions to be promoted. Feel free to submit your graphics and videos as well, yes your link will remain on anything you submit. I will also be reblogging some graphics and videos but once again, any of those that you see on here are not mine and will have a link on them.Please enjoy your stay and do not be afraid to use the owlery

Disclaimer: I own nothing…full credit goes to the wonderful graphic makers, fanfiction writers, and video editors. And of course J.K. Rowling for giving us such a wonderful world to play with.

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