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Hey, you don't have to reply to this :) Just wanted to come by and thank you for all the fics you've collected and posted here, and send you a hug or something (I noticed that a lot of people are complaining to you, and I personally think that it's alright if they do this politely but most of them aren't, so) um. Have a nice day, stay chipper and I really appreciate the things you do, and I'm really happy I found you!

OMFG !!! <333

This made my whole night! YOU ARE SO SWEET!!! Thank you so so much!

Friday, 3rd of October
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Do you think you could please increase your font size? It's really hard to read

Done :)

Wednesday, 1st of October
Anonymous asked:
So you basically ship Dramione because you ship Draco/Yourself? Weird, but I've seen it before. Not a good reason to ship characters though.

Yes I think the character of Draco is quite alluring and yes when I read fanfictions I do like to put myself as Hermione into the story or as a third party outsider looking in and dissecting the details and watching the characters grow and evolve…because that is what you do as you read? You insert yourself into whatever story you are reading because the power of words and descriptions are usually overpowering (especially first person fics where you don’t really have a choice but to read the word “I” and relate it to yourself)…I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t do this but ok.

HOWEVER…that is not the reason why I ship him with Hermione in particular.


Tuesday, 30th of September
Anonymous asked:
omg the same could be said for Drarry, Drinny and Romione shippers lol For Drarry all they care about is Harry, Draco, Tom and Dan. For Drinny, It's Ginny, Draco, Tom and Bonnie. Same goes for Romione with Ron, Hermione, Emma and Rupert. I've seen all of those ships shipping the actors too so it's not just Dramione being delusional about Feltson. Like wtf. It's NOT just Dramione shippers who do that. It's ALL shippers unless you're one of the few shippers who ship EVERYTHING.

Yea…hence the term “shipping”…though I do not particularly condone shipping actual people when shipping pairings…I find that a bit far fetched unless there is concrete evidence. 

Tuesday, 30th of September
Anonymous asked:
What did you think of emma's speech ? I thought it really only for privileged white woman who live in 1st world countries not at all for woman in third world countries so didn't really like it because those woman in third world countries need more help than the woman in the 1st world.

Well I personally didn’t think feminism was anything else other than a man-hating concept before Emma’s speech (this is probably because everything I have known about feminism I learned from tumblr and radical feminist groups at uni) So she made me do a 180 on basically every thought I have ever had on the topic.

I thought the way she aimed the speech at men in particular at the very end…made it so that countries and religions and 1st world vs. 3rd world were obsolete. I did not notice her saying “white women” or anything else that sounded like it was aimed at a particular population so I don’t really know. As a person who understood feminism properly for the first time it sounded like it was aimed at women and men regardless of skin colour, age, place of living etc. etc.

If you interpreted it differently then me that is obviously fine. This is only my opinion.

Tuesday, 30th of September
Anonymous asked:
You know I don't really care that you ship dramione but one thing that makes me mad about you dramione shippers is you guys only care about hermione draco and draco slytherin friends you don't care about anybody else and you guys only care about emma and tom I know some of you care about the pthers but a majority only care

about emma ,tom , hermione and draco you act like harry potter was all about hhem its not its about dan and harry and even rupert is more important than emma his name came before her in the credits so just asking why don’t you dramione shippers care about anybody other than tom , emma , hermione and draco when there supporting characters not mains

I am sexually attracted to Draco as a character and I can relate to Hermione on a lot of levels. So when I read them I can imagine myself as Hermione in the fics and obviously Draco as Draco. That pretty much sums it up. 

I do like Harry and Ron…not really a fan of reading about them in sexual situations unfortunately for various reasons. As for Tom Felton…do not care that much about the boy and Emma Watson is just an amazing human being though I am not some diehard fan of hers. 

Just because “us Dramione shippers” choose to like and to focus on a certain pairing (hence the term “shippers”) it does not mean we “do not care” about the other characters. If you took the time to read any multi-chapter fanfic you would see that ALL of the main characters are involved in it and are quite important. The only difference is that the actual relationship part involves Hermione and Draco.

I hope that satisfies your curiosity, though you have to remember I am talking about me specifically here.

Monday, 29th of September
Anonymous asked:
hi! i was wondering if you know the fanfiction where Draco makes a binding room with like magic floors and stuff and wants to bind himself to Hermione.. and towards the end, Draco gets sick and/or is dying so Hermione takes him into the room and bind herself to him to save him? its not much but my friend mentioned something like that and i'm new to fanfiction. ALTHOUGH, she did show me your fanfics and they're amazing, keep up the good work! xx

No I am sorry, never heard of that one :S

If you go to there are more people there to help you out :D

THANK YOU SO MUCH THOUGH SERIOUSLY! This made my whole night!!! <333

Friday, 26th of September


I broke my bones playing games with you
This type of fun it makes me blue

I itch all night, I itch for you
You’re just my type whats a boy to do

Years & Years - Real

Sunday, 21st of September


Check out my new video!

Draco + Hermione [Modern] || Wanna be yours 

Friday, 19th of September


Dramione AU: Draco and Hermione meet at a popular coffee shop in wizarding London and begin a friendship when their orders get mixed up. This allows them to find the excuse to talk to each other and discover just how easy it is to find someone special in an ordinary place. [x]

Tuesday, 9th of September

We might make out
When nobody’s there
It’s not that we’re scared
It’s just that it’s delicate.

Tuesday, 9th of September

133rd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Something Strange Can Happen by lionquinns (Rated K+)
Draco Malfoy is grieving over the death of his wife. Hermione Granger is grieving over the death of her best friend. They found themselves in the same cemetery at midnight. But strange things can happen if you let them come and stick around.

Written and recommended by jollyemma 
Tragedy, Post-Hogwarts
Type: One-Shot (probably will turn it into a mutli-chapter), Completed
Why should people read it? I want people to critic my work to see how far I’ve come, and I want you Dramione shippers to read something.

Saturday, 6th of September


It’s a brilliant video and I love it, just like I love the music because it’s breathtaking and I think people should watch this, or at least those who are dramione shippers. 


Friday, 5th of September
Anonymous asked:
Hello. Do you think you could post more about Dramione fanfiction rather than reblogging images? This was always my favorite blog for Dramione fics since I find dramioneficlists bothersome because it tries too hard and is really annoying while this blog is perfect but doesn't feel much like a fanfiction blog lately and that makes me sad :(

Sooo many mixed feelings about this ask.

First and foremost, thank you for liking my blog :) Secondly, I am sorry you find dramioneficlists ‘bothersome’ because Mandy is such an amazing person and blogger and she puts her heart and soul into that blog and works so hard to keep everything organised and looking beautiful! I know that because I actually share 2 blogs with her :S Please be careful about putting down other dramione blogs. And lastly, I am currently doing an intense masters degree (by intense I mean fitting a four-year course into two years) and I hardly have time to sleep much less read fanfiction. I do what I can (which in this case all I have time for is reblogging graphics) and many of the graphics I reblog are designed to either give people ideas about what fanfics to write or they are accompanying graphics to fanfictions. I would rather do that than make my blog inactive. 

I am hoping to go back to fic reading during the holidays. :) 

Wednesday, 3rd of September


When Draco Malfoy needs to work with the Ministers undersecretary to improve his business, he had no idea it would mean getting closer to Hermione Granger than he had ever been before…

Dramione Appreciation Week
          Day 6: Picspam

Tuesday, 2nd of September