“So how long do you plan on moping here, Malfoy?”

Draco paused from doing nothing to send her a scowl. “Fuck off, Granger. No one’s forcing you to bloody babysit me while I hide from the world to lick my wounds.”

Hermione sighed as she set down the Daily Prophet. “Well, you can’t stay cooped up here in the astronomy tower all night long! You can moon over losing against Gryffindor later while you’re in bed. We have to be back to our common rooms at nine o’clock and we still have to report for our Head Duties before we retire for the evening!”

“Go blow an elf, Granger.”

Hermione’s expression grew livid. “You’re coming back with me to the common room if I have to drag you by your ball sack, you miserable twat!” she streched out her stiff legs and stood up. Draco’s eyes were alight with undisguised annoyance as he glared at her. 

“Yeah, your enticing way of inviting me back to the common room just totally convinced me to do as you bid.” he shot back with a sarcastic roll of his eyes. “Try again, Granger.”

The newspaper landed on his head with a loud thump, and he could only gape at her in shock. The goody-two-shoes bookworm had just hit him with a sodding newspaper.

“Fine! Go ahead with your moronic schemes and lose your position as the Head Boy! See if I care!” 

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