Dramione + tumblr text posts part 2

Friday, 22nd of August


Dramione Appreciation Week
          Day 7: Free Choice

Monday, 18th of August


If we met at a better time, we would’ve been destined to be together.

Monday, 18th of August


EXCLUSIVE! interview: Hermione Malfoy née Granger and Draco Malfoy finally open up in the latest edition of Witch Weekly!

(text by lesmalfoi, graphics by me)

Monday, 18th of August


“So what’s your story, then?” he asked, gesturing at her with his apple. “Why are you here?”

“Here with you?”

“He used a smile she had never seen before. This one was sleet-melting. “No, kiska. I know why you’re here with me. What I don’t know is why you’re helping your team.”

Love in a Time of the Zombie Apocalypse, Chapter 12

happy birthday kiska ;3

Monday, 18th of August


DRAMIONE APPRECIATION WEEK: (day four) - fanfic graphic

"Do you want me to fuck you, Granger?" He suddenly blurted out, his free hand going around her waist and slamming her body against his hard as his lips started kissing her neck, sucking, biting, nibbling on the skin.

An alarm sounded in her head the moment he asked that question, her mouth closing on the desperate ‘Yes’ that was about to leave them. And then they wouldn’t go back and wouldn’t be able to right any wrong anymore. Hermione gasped and pushed herself off him as if burnt, turning around to stare at him in shock.

His expression was just like hers, if not a bit smug, but they said nothing as they started at each other, their breathing ragged and both of them obviously on edge and flustered. Her eyes slid down and she noticed the tent in his trousers, her body reacting to it and desperately wanting to feel his proximity again.

"I need to go," Draco suddenly said, his jaw clenched and his whole body tense. He planned to turn this into a game and get this reaction from her, oblivious to the fact that he’d be experiencing the same thing. And now he needed to run.

Hermione couldn’t even say anything, her eyes locked onto him as he hastily grabbed his coat and gloves, taking a few steps towards the door.

He left in a hurry and his scent still lingered in the space around her even after the door slammed shut, reminding her of what had happened between them. Hermione breathed out a sigh of relief and her body sagged down, her expression as shocked as it could get. Her hand absently played with her wedding ring as she tried to find some sense in the events of the night, her gut telling her that whatever this was it meant a change. Whatever it was it meant the beginning. And she had no idea the price she would have to pay for being curious about the end.

The Wedding Rings, by Masha19

Sunday, 17th of August

The Wedding Rings Chapter 10: The Confrontation


the last chapter of the wedding rings is out

thanks for being supportive and awesome and thanks for pushing me to wrap this up <3

Sunday, 17th of August


"Maybe it was wrong to think about this, maybe it was horrible to even consider, but if Draco Malfoy liked to dominate, she couldn’t stop herself from picturing it. Picturing him."

Ardent Bonds by Musyc

( DRAMIONE WEEK DAY 4: fanfic graphic )

Friday, 15th of August



Crazy in Love (fsog trailer cover)L’Orchestra Cinematique

Wednesday, 13th of August

Dramione + tumblr text posts

Monday, 11th of August

132nd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Happily Ever After? by lionquinns (Rated M)
Summary: Draco Malfoy was the rich playboy. He dated girls and had one-night stands, but what happened when he was betrothed and the only thing to get away from it was to find someone to spend the rest of his life with in three weeks?

Written and recommended by jollyemma
Categories: Romance/Drama/Friendship
Type: Multi-Chapter, WIP
You should read it because I’ve been working hard for my fanfic and I think I did a pretty good job, even though there are some grammar that are probably still off, but I’m working on that. I want people to explore the world I’m in too and I want people to appreciate my work. I understand that some may bash or something, but it’s going to make my writing better. I want to see their thoughts of my fanfic. Thank you.

Friday, 8th of August


Dark Hero | A Dramione Fanvid by Niightangeel

It looks like a freaking movie trailer I’m so happy

Monday, 4th of August


Dramione AU

After finishing Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco attend the most prestigious Magic Academy in England. Where Hermione becomes popular and Draco becomes an outcast. Yet Hermione still can’t get the ex-Slytherin out of her head.

Saturday, 2nd of August

131st batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

The Die by Colubrina (Rated MA)
Seven years after the war is over Hermione sees Draco in a pub.  When she invites him back to her flat the die is cast and it becomes possible that two very broken people may begin to heal together.

Written and Recommended by Colubrina
Post Hogwarts, EWE
Multi-Chapter, WIP
You should read it because 
Draco is both angsty and sweet, and, as Hermione redeems him, starts to contemplate what it means to be good.  

Friday, 1st of August



Join us as we take an exclusive trip to Malfoy Manor for a special interview and photo session!

…as I move on to my next question, a thunderous explosion shakes the manor. While I’m terrified, Hermione and Draco don’t seem much fazed by the loud blast. Moments later, the culprits appear at the foot of the staircase. And I’m relieved to only find the three Malfoy children. The two eldest troublemakers look equally guilty and ashamed. The youngest sibling trail behind them with an unnerving smirk on her face…

Thursday, 31st of July