133rd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Something Strange Can Happen by lionquinns (Rated K+)
Draco Malfoy is grieving over the death of his wife. Hermione Granger is grieving over the death of her best friend. They found themselves in the same cemetery at midnight. But strange things can happen if you let them come and stick around.

Written and recommended by jollyemma 
Tragedy, Post-Hogwarts
Type: One-Shot (probably will turn it into a mutli-chapter), Completed
Why should people read it? I want people to critic my work to see how far I’ve come, and I want you Dramione shippers to read something.

Saturday, 6th of September

132nd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Happily Ever After? by lionquinns (Rated M)
Summary: Draco Malfoy was the rich playboy. He dated girls and had one-night stands, but what happened when he was betrothed and the only thing to get away from it was to find someone to spend the rest of his life with in three weeks?

Written and recommended by jollyemma
Categories: Romance/Drama/Friendship
Type: Multi-Chapter, WIP
You should read it because I’ve been working hard for my fanfic and I think I did a pretty good job, even though there are some grammar that are probably still off, but I’m working on that. I want people to explore the world I’m in too and I want people to appreciate my work. I understand that some may bash or something, but it’s going to make my writing better. I want to see their thoughts of my fanfic. Thank you.

Friday, 8th of August

131st batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

The Die by Colubrina (Rated MA)
Seven years after the war is over Hermione sees Draco in a pub.  When she invites him back to her flat the die is cast and it becomes possible that two very broken people may begin to heal together.

Written and Recommended by Colubrina
Post Hogwarts, EWE
Multi-Chapter, WIP
You should read it because 
Draco is both angsty and sweet, and, as Hermione redeems him, starts to contemplate what it means to be good.  

Friday, 1st of August

130th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Euphoria by serpentinial (Rated M)
"I can’t believe I’m stuck with you!" He spat. "I’d take being unconscious any day!"… When a fresh wave of Death Eaters appear and Draco Malfoy is the only survivor of an attack, Draco is now stuck in the guidance of Hermione Granger. Trying to kill each other off is probably not a wise idea in starting a friendship.

Written and recommended by yaypoop 
Romance, Drama, Angst
Type: Multi-chapter, WIP
Why Should you read it: I think that people should give this story a try. Personally, I think it’s a lot better than the other fanfictions I have written and I also like the plot itself and I enjoy both writing the story and reading it. It would mean a lot to me if someone read it.

Saturday, 17th of May

129th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Foibles by Alistair Ulven (Rated T)
“I just wanted to see you.” —A series of drabbles involving Draco and Hermione.

Written and recommended by alistairulven 
A drabble series, redeemed Draco, but he’s struggling with his feelings.
Multi-chapter, WIP
Why should you read it: 
Umm, I don’t really know xD I write it because I love the pairing, and the idea of Dramione, and I don’t really know why people should read it, but it would mean a lot of they gave it a chance.

Monday, 5th of May

128th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Say You Don’t Want It by Patronum116 (Rated T)
In exchange for doing all of his work, Draco teaches Hermione how to have fun. Hilarity inevitably ensues. 

Written and recommended by theresnodarksideofthemoonreally
humor, sort of fluffy but with a plot, Hogwarts Era, sixth year (not in compliance with HBP), AUish
Type: Multi-Chapter, WIP-will be updating frequently because I’m rewriting mostly at this point.
Why should people read it? - This is a fun sort of fic that people say has made them laugh (even when it wasn’t as well written!). A lot of Dramione can be pretty dark so this story is a bit of a break with some light-hearted fun.  Even though it’s a bit fluffy, it’s still realistic and fun to read :). 

Thursday, 10th of April

127th suggested batch of Dramione fanfictions:

Muggle by pagupagu (Rated M)
Draco Malfoy, now an Auror, has been tasked with finding missing muggle-born’s after the war who do not remember they were ever wizards/witches. He’s up against Harry Potter for the position of Head Auror depending on how they do on this task. Hermione Granger’s name is on the list and Draco is the one who finds her, but she’s happy living her ordinary human life. Will he attempt to bring her back or will a second chance to get to know the feisty Gryffindor leave him with other plans?

Written and recommended by pagupagu
Category: Post hogwarts, auror Draco, muggle Hermione, mystery, romance, memory loss Hermione, Redeemed Draco 
Type: Multi-Chapter, WIP
Why should people read it?: I know a lot of writers may say this, but I had honestly never read a story similar to mine. There are a few out there where Hermione has lost her memory, but not in the way I am approaching it with the plot. At least, none that I’ve read! 

Tuesday, 25th of March

126th suggested batch of Dramione fanfictions:

Healed by Love by naomiwrites (Rated MA)
After the aftermath of the Second Wizarding War, everyone has to mourn and suffer through loss and so does the platinum haired Slytherin Going back for his eight year for his Magical Probation, he finds himself facing his own inner Maybe, with a certain help of a certain muggle-born? [Dramione!]

Written and recommended by crustywornoutbooks 
 Post-war, hurt/comfort where Hermione and Draco goes back to finish their eight year. Also about re-finding themselves and who they really are because war changes people. It’s generally about the after math of the war. Hermione is head girl and Draco is headboy.  Redeemed draco, compassionate hermione. it’s NOT angst.
Type: Multi-chapter, WIP
Why Should People Read It?: I don’t like bragging, I’m not good at promoting my stories. I just had this idea in my head and I really love dramione fanfictions. I almost read every single fanfiction of dramione that has multiple chapters. I thought I could just give it a shot and write something myself and share it with people. I love writing and I want to be able to move people with my writing, make them go throughout a journey with me. J.K. Rowling inspired me and she said so herself: if you want to write, write as much as you can, so there you go.

Tuesday, 1st of October

125th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Forever and Always by FlubberyFlobberworms (Rated T)
It’s a songfic to Forever and Always by Parachute! Draco switched sides during the war and this fic takes place post-war; with the both of them engaged. Draco is supposed to meet Hermione at a cafe they frequent but he’s late and Hermione finds out why. Don’t want to spoil the story too much! :)

Written and recommended by things-worth-dying-for
Category: Post-war, Tragedy
Type: One-shot, complete
Why should people read it? The moment I heard this song I knew it had to be written as a Dramione fic :) I’d really love to know how others think I did with it (personally, I think I did a pretty good job hahaha) and, since it’s the first and only fic I have written so far, I’d like some feedback. It’s a little shorter than 3k words so please read my awesome fic ;)
Thank you!!

Wednesday, 3rd of July

124th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

The Brightest Fall by somethinglikethesea (Rated M)
The Academy is for those given a second chance at life. In return for their blessing they must train to become Guardians and defend mortals against demons; and even themselves.

Written and recommended by conciliatus
Category: Post-Hogwarts
Type: Multi-Chapter
Status: WIP
Why should people read it?:Who wouldn’t want to read about Draco as an angel? I know I would if I wasn’t writing about it. Other than that, it’ll be full of adventure, drama and some great old dramione romance!

Saturday, 15th of June

123rd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

The Four Houses Challenge by 13HelloSweetie (Rated MA)
There’s a challenge going around the girls at Hogwarts. Sleep with someone from each house and complete the Hogwarts Coat of Arms tattoo, Ginny played to Hermione’s competitive nature and now she’s trapped in a dare to complete the Coat of Arms, but no one has ever slept with a Slytherin, so how can one of the Golden Trio? 

Recommended and Written by love-like-a-sinner
Category: Head Boy/Head Girl, Challenge/Dares, Hogwarts Era, Year 8
Short story
Why should people read it? It has denial, smut, kinda slutty Hermione, and as usual, snarky and hot Draco getting a bit over protective and then it turns quite cute. So yay I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I think it’s gonna turn out pretty good.

Wednesday, 22nd of May

122nd batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Her Best Kept Secret by NeonxKitten (Rated MA)
Hermione spent nine years avoiding him. On Christmas Eve, she sees him, and things change drastically. What happens when she spends the night with him and her daughter disappears? The closer they get to finding her, the closer he gets to her heart.

Recommended and written by iamcallingouttoyou 
Post-Hogwarts, redeemed Draco, Romance
Work in progress
Why should people read it: 
 It is my first fanfic and I’m super excited about it. I want opinions.

Sunday, 3rd of February

121st batch of suggested Dramione fanfiction:

At Death’s Front Door by somethinglikethesea (Rated T)
A man who wont die for something, is not fit to live. But Draco would’ve and so takes matters into his own hands to do so anyway.

Recommended and written by concilatus 
Category: Post-Hogwarts
Type: One-Shot
Status: Complete 
Why should people read it: Draco does something many wouldn’t expect and it’s worth reading to find out exactly what!!

Friday, 25th of January

120th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

Selfish by somethinglikethesea (Rated T)
Her fists balled up on either side of her petite form. “I think it’s damned clear that you’d choose her over me in a heartbeat. So why do you keep me hanging on? You’re so fucking selfish!”

Recommended by conciliatus 
Why should people read it: 
Fabulous plot line, angst and who doesn’t love an angry Draco? It’s a wonderful read and somethinglikethesea is a brilliant writer. 

Friday, 9th of November

119th batch of suggested Dramione fanfictions:

February 30th by WinkyTay333 (Rated T)
A short story about draco and hermione meeting after the war, and getting married

Recommended and written by just-imagine-beautiful 
Why people should read it: 
I had a lot of fun writing it and I think it would be an enjoyable read.

Friday, 2nd of November